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윌밍톤 크리스챤 스쿨  Wilmington Christian School 

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미국 기독교 학교 조기 유학생을 모집합니다.

우수 기독명문학교인 윌밍톤 크리스챤 스쿨은 입학, 따뜻한 기독인호스트 가족 배정, 명문대합격의 지름길
미국 우수기독교학교와 안전하고 따뜻한 기독인호스트 가정, 그리고 미국에서 학생관리를 가장 잘하는 더불어 밝은미래교육이 특화시킨 미국 중 고등학교유학 프로그램입니다. 좋은 학업성적을 받고 국내외 명문대에 진학할 수 있도록 돕는 프로그램으로서 학생의 인성, 학업관리 뿐 아니라 대학 진학을 위한 공인 성적관리(GPA, 토플, SAT, AP), 지도하여 명문대 인재를 양성한 프로그램입니다.

International Student Program Details:

  • New student orientation  
  • Weekly tutoring/mentoring to track academic progress and transition  
  • International student writing class  
  • International student foundations of the Bible class  
  • English as a second language (ESL) tutoring (available for an additional fee)  
  • Monthly individual meetings with the Program Coordinator  
  • Monthly reports on personal and academic growth/areas of improvement  
  • Monthly social events/activities  
  • Birthday and holiday recognition
  • Communication from the program coordinator directly with agent/agency  
  • Host family recruiting and screening  
  • Host family training/orientation, includes communication & conflict resolution  
  • Monthly reports provided by the host family coordinator  
  • Fee includes lodging, food and transportation

​Host Family Opportunities

​Wilmington Christian School is accepting applications from families wo are looking to open their homes to host an international student. Hosting an international student is a great way to share God’s love with an individual from a different culture, while expanding your own family’s understanding of the world. 

Families provide a room, meals, and transportation to and from school and church and receive a monthly stipend to cover room/board/local transportation expenses. Families of international students pay for their own tuition, clothes, travel expenses, toiletries, etc.  

Wilmington Christian School provides ample support for both students and families.  Students meet regularly for one-on-one meetings with the Student Coordinator, tutoring is available for the international students, and fun events are planned for all International students. 
Please contact Kelli Pitman (kpitman@wilmingtonchristian.org) for more information.